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Increase your home’s curb appeal and decrease your heating and cooling costs with siding installations from E-Stern Construction LLC. Siding can enhance the beauty of your home’s exterior while reducing maintenance and energy bills.

There are a variety of brands we carry that deliver a stronger, more rigid siding system that will hug the home tighter, as well as rich, long-lasting colors and subtle textures that capture the authentic look of wood. Trim and accessories are available in a full range of styles and complementary colors for a complete custom look.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Vinyl Siding?

It’s not hard to see why so many home and commercial building

owners opt for today’s new and improved, quick to install vinyl

siding that’s made from reformulated vinyl that resists cracking

and stands up better. In the vast majority of cases this type of

siding goes right on over existing siding for a brand-new look

that lasts for decades, and that never needs to be painted. Vinyl

siding also now comes in a wide range of fade resistant colors

and with foam insulation backing.

Maintenance Free Vinyl Siding

We offer all major manufacturers’ siding and trim products, including the following types:

  • Traditional Vinyl Siding

  • Custom Aluminum Siding

  • Shakes, Scallops & Decorative Trim Work

  • Soffit/overhangs


With vinyl siding, the color goes all through the material, so it doesn’t fade like aluminum siding or chip like wood siding. That means you don’t have to paint your home or building every few years to maintain its good looks. Vinyl siding is designed to withstand wind and extremes of temperature, and the modern materials used are tested to retain their original colors.

Vinyl siding does not scratch or dent like alternative siding products. Our siding products are strong enough to withstand hail storms and kids at play. Vinyl siding will leave you confident with exceptional curb appeal for a life time.

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